The Beckley Science Programme

The Beckley Foundation is one of the few organisations in the world initiating, supporting, and directing scientific research investigating the effects of currently-controlled psychoactive substances. This ground-breaking research explores how substances such as cannabis, psychedelics, and MDMA act upon the human brain, using the latest developments in neuroscience and brain imaging technology. The purpose of the research is to increase our scientific understanding of consciousness itself, and to explore new avenues for the treatment of illnesses and the betterment of humankind.

Over the last 18 years, the Programme has produced dozens of scientific articles published in influential peer-reviewed journals, with Amanda spearheading numerous collaborations. Collaborating partners include top academic institutions such as Imperial College London, Sant Pau Hospital, University College London, King’s College London, and Johns Hopkins University, and topics have covered:

Our work is guided by the Beckley Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board, which consists of leading international experts on relevant topics. Advisors have included luminaries such as the late Albert Hofmann and Alexander Shulgin, and currently include Colin Blakemore (former Chair of the Medical Research Council), David Nutt and Les Iversen (both former Chairs of the UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs), David Nichols, and other notable scientists.

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